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Friday, October 12, 2012

That tendentious ("he's a Randian extremist!!!") anti-Paul Ryan statement

Following up (and quoting from) Rick's post about the anti-Paul Ryan statement put out this week by left-wing Catholics seeking to brand Ryan as an extreme individualist and slavish disciple of Ayn Rand, I have a post up at First Things:


One of the architects of the statement, Charlie Camosy, makes an effort in the comments section to defend it as truly non-partisan and fair to Ryan, but res ipsa loquitur.

Reading his comment, I could not help but imagine how different the statement would have looked had it exemplified even a modicum of the interpretative charity that Professor Camosy practices in his efforts to depict Peter Singer's thought as sharing vast tracts of common ground with Christian moral teaching.

But then, such a statement wouldn't have been of much use to the Obama campaign.


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