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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Garcia, "Academic Freedom and the Telos of the Catholic University"

Here's a new book by my friend and colleague, Dr. Kenneth Garcia, "Academic Freedom and the Telos of the Catholic University."  The blurb:

This book presents a theologically-grounded understanding of academic freedom
that builds on, completes, and transforms  the prevailing secular understanding.
Academic freedom in the secular university, while rightly protecting scholars
from external interference by ecclesiastical and political authorities, is
constricting in practice because it tends to prohibit most scholars from
exploring the relation of  the finite world to the infinite, or God. In the
Catholic university, true academic freedom means both the freedom of the scholar to pursue studies unencumbered by external interference, and freedom to pursue knowledge beyond the boundaries of specific academic disciplines toward an infinite horizon.

Check it out.


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