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Monday, December 12, 2011

Review of Taylor & Maclure, "Secularism and Freedom of Conscience"

Ruth Abbey's (Notre Dame) review of Charles Taylor's & Jocelyn Maclure's "Secularism and Freedom of Conscience" is available here, at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.  The conclusion:

This short work offers a clear and accessible account of some of the central issues at stake in theoretical and practical debates about the relationship between religion and politics in contemporary western societies. One question I was left with at the end, however, was who its intended audience is. Because A Secular Age had little to say explicitly about political philosophy, this work might satisfy some residual curiosity about Taylor's views on straightforwardly political questions that fall within its orbit. Secularism and Freedom of Conscience traverses a lot of ground in very short space, which prevents it from going into great detail on any single topic. Its engagement with the vast scholarly literature on the topics it touches on is light, suggesting that its primary audience is newcomers to this topic, and perhaps the elusive general reader, rather than academic researchers in this field.


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