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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hurlbut on Romney on abortion

I am less skeptical of Mitt Romney's "change of heart" on abortion than others are, but critics should check out the report of Stanford's William Hurlbut, who counseled Gov. Romney about embryonic development in the course of the Massachusetts debate over embryonic stem cell research:

"Several things about our conversation still stand out strongly in my mind,” Hurlbut told me. “First, he clearly recognized the significance of the issue, not just as a current controversy but as a matter that would define the character of our culture way into the future.

“Second, it was obvious that he had put in a real effort to understand both the scientific prospects and the broader social implications. Finally, I was impressed by both his clarity of mind and sincerity of heart. . . . He recognized that this was not a matter of purely abstract theory or merely pragmatic governance, but a crucial moment in how we are to regard nascent human life and the broader meaning of medicine in the service of life."


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