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Monday, August 1, 2011

John Garvey on "Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection"

Here, thanks to America, is my friend and former colleague, John Garvey, on the importance of religious liberty and conscience protection, with special reference to the new HHS regulations.  A bit:

. . . Americans differ over whether the services recommended by the Institute of Medicine are bad things. But the issue before HHS is not whether to allow sterilization, contraception, and abortion. It is whether to order insurance companies to cover these services, and employers and employees to pay for them, even if they view them as morally wrong. It is in just this situation that the respect for religious freedom comes into play. Most Americans view service in the armed forces, especially in times of trouble, as a good thing. Most are willing to sanction even the taking of enemy lives, if it is necessary to protect our country and those we love. Quakers do not, and from the beginning of our history we have treated their “conscientious scruples...with great delicacy and tenderness.” . . .  


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