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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Famine on the Horn of Africa: A Call for Relief

The former chair of the board of Catholic Relief Services, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, once summed up its work by saying: "“At Catholic Relief Services, we don’t just help people who are Catholic; we help people because we are Catholic.”  When Jesus taught the disciples about the Kingdom of Heaven, the very first virtue that He ascribes to the blessed was that "I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."  Matthew 25:34.

Millions are at risk in Somalia from the famine, especially the children.  In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune yesterday, a photograph of a small Somali boy taken by Schalk Van Zuydam of the Associated Press is printed at this link.  It is hard to look at this image, but please do look and do not go on with your day without taking some step to help these children.

The causes of the tragedy unfolding in Somalia are multiple; the blame falls on many for this catastrophe, beyond the weather; the long-term solution in an area of anarchy is hard to envision.  But the need of the moment is dire.  Take a moment to contribute to immediate relief for the starving; and clicking here is one easy way to do it.


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