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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obsession? Whose?

So there is a debate about whether Christians are obsessed with homosexuality and abortion.  Well, some people seem to be obsessed with homosexuality and abortion, but is it Christians?  I don't think so.  For heaven's sake, just tune in to network TV for a few hours, or watch the Academy Awards broadcast, or visit a university, or talk to people in Hollywood or San Francisco or Hyde Park or on the Upper West Side.  Is there a cause more fashionable in the elite sector of the culture than "gay rights"?  Many universities have a half dozen or more LGBTQ,etc. organizations and support groups (not to mention official university offices to provide support and even academic departments); few have support groups for morally conservative students wishing to live chaste lives.  Dissent from the campus orthodoxy is scarcely tolerated in some universities and not tolerated at all in others.  And who is it, by the way, who is insisting on their views about homosexuality (and sexuality generally) being taught to children in public schools---even over parental objections?  Christians?  Ha.  (Not in Princeton anyway.)  And then there is abortion.  I don't doubt their sincerity and good faith, but a vast number of people in the media, the entertainment industry, the academy, and the elite professions regard abortion as a sacrosanct constitutional right that must be protected at all costs--even if it means supporting late-term abortions, partial-birth abortions, live birth abortions, and sex-selection abortions, and imposing on the consciences of people (including pro-life physicians and other health care workers) who regard direct abortion as homicidal and gravely unjust.  One might say they are . . . obsessed. 

If you are a Catholic who sometimes watches network television, ask yourself these two questions:  How often have you heard your priest preach on homosexuality and abortion?  How often have you watched a preachy TV show or movie (or an interview with an actor or singer or other celebrity) pushing a liberal line about sex or abortion?


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