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Monday, February 14, 2011

"Vita Institute" at Notre Dame

 An announcement of possible interest:

The Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life is proud to announce the inaugural Notre Dame Vita Institute to be held at the University of Notre Dame from June 12-24, 2011. Conducted under the auspices of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture, the Vita Institute will educate participants in the fundamentals of human life issues, focusing on beginning of life issues, at the highest academic level from the perspectives of social science, biology, philosophy, theology, law, communication, and counseling, among others. Through the instruction by and engagement with premier faculty, discussion with other Vita Institute participants, and introduction to community outreach programs, Vita Institute participants will be challenged intellectually and equipped to effectively engage the culture on beginning of life issues. The Vita Institute seeks both to educate and inspire its participants through instruction by noted experts in a strong community environment.

Admission to the Vita Institute is open to those with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and applications are welcome from those of any age or level of professional development who are passionately committed to the protection of human life, particularly in its earliest stages. A distinctly Catholic educational program, the Vita Institute welcomes participants of all faith traditions. Applicants will be competing for a limited number of seats in the Vita Institute by completing an application and submitting letters of recommendation.

The application deadline is March 1, 2011.

The following will be provided to participants during the inaugural Vita Institute:

 A tuition waiver ($1,000);

 Lodging;

 Specified meals; and

 Curricular materials.

For more information and to apply to the Notre Dame Vita Institute:

Please visit the Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life website, http://www.nd.edu/~lifefund/ , or contact Angela Pfister, Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture, University of Notre Dame, 424 Geddes Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556; [email protected], 574.631.1868.


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