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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A question about the prelature of Opus Dei and the abuse scandals

I asked a friend who is a member of the prelature of Opus Dei how his organization deals with sexual abuse cases involving its lay or clergy members.  He replied that he didn't know of any cases in which a member was credibly accused of sexual abuse.  Since, as I understand it, Opus Dei is a world-wide organization with thousands of priests and an even larger number of celbate as well as married lay members, I found this remarkable.  Virtually every diocese in the United States has had sexual abuse cases, as have most men's religious orders.  If Opus Dei has had none, or very few, I wonder what accounts for that.  Does anyone know whether it is in fact true that it has had no sexual abuse cases or very few?  If so, does anyone have any thoughts about why their record is so good?  Does it have to do with the screening of possible members?  Does it have something to do with the procedures of the organization or the ethos it has created?  Is it just good luck (so far, at least)?


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