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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review of Perry's not-quite-latest book

It appears to be the time for MOJ bloggers to review MOJ bloggers' books in Commonweal.  And, it tells you something about how prolific our colleague Michael Perry is that his latest book is out before I manage to finish my review of his next-to-latest book.  Oh well.  Commonweal has my review of Michael's "Constitutional Rights, Moral Controversy, and the Supreme Court" here.  As MOJ readers might recall, I believe that Michael's (commendably) Thayerian approach to judicial review yields the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United; he disagrees.  And, I'm not convinced that his proposed method yields the result that he thinks it should yield in the context of the same-sex-unions controversy.  In any event, read the book (and the review!).


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