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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leonard Cohen

Thanks, Michael.  I'm delighted to know that you and your wife are huge fans of Leonard Cohen.  I am too.  As it happens, Cornel West last week mentioned Cohen during the seminar he and I are teaching together. It seems that the students were familiar with only one of Cohen's songs: "Hallelujah."  So I'm bringing my guitar to the seminar today to introduce them to three more of Cohen's pieces:  (1) "You Know Who I Am"; (2) "Nancy"; and (3) "Famous Blue Raincoat."  Some other favorites of mine are "Joan of Arc," "The Night Comes On," and all the songs on that very first album of Cohen's (the one that includes "Master Song," "The Sisters of Mercy," "The Dealer," and "Suzanne").


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