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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leonard Cohen, Jerry Cohen, Nick Drake, & cet.

Greetings, All,

It's delightful to find something during Pesach and Holy Week that a number of us here can agree upon with enthusiasm -- the wonderful Leonard C.  For what it might be worth, this here's my favorite of the bard's songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYP-fL8ndmI&feature=related .  But of course I love 'em all, particularly the early ones that Robby cites just below.

Those who appreciate Leonard might also find much -- if not even more -- in Nick.  Here's a sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idcaRTg4-fM .  As with Leonard, so here there are many, many wonderful pieces from which to choose.  What a wonderful spirit.

Two other items perhaps worth noting here: First, the other Beck - the non-idiot one - has done some nice covers of these fellows' songs, as well as of many other great artists' songs. 

And second, a nice anecdote:  I once asked my pal Jerry Cohen, who left so many of us bereft by his untimely passing this past August, what he thought of his namesake and fellow Quebecois Leonard C, whereupon he said one of the very few things that he ever has said with which I had to disagree.  He said he prefers his schmaltz unadulterated, and found LC intolerable for purveying a sort of ersatz-schmaltz.  I agree that some of the songs come dangerously close to that characterization, but it seems to me they are very few.  Moreover, remove the word 'lady' from all of them -- including that linked to above -- and I think you're altogether free and clear.

Pesach Shalom & Blessed Holy Week to All, and another Kaddish for Jerry while I am at it here,



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