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Friday, March 12, 2010

Farr: Is Obama "sidelining" religious freedom?

My friend (and international-religious-freedom expert) Tom Farr has joined the "On Faith" blogging crowd at The Washington Post.  He asks, here, whether Pres.Obama is "sidelining" religious freedom:

President Obama has on several occasions articulated his commitment to international religious freedom. Unfortunately, his State Department appears to be on a course that will seriously downgrade the nation's international religious freedom policy. . . .

Other new Obama foreign policy initiatives, from outreach to Muslim communities to the normalization of gay rights in international law, are getting serious policy attention and resources. But religious freedom -- which enjoys broad support among the American people and can contribute both to justice and national security -- is, in effect, being sidelined.

How, and why, is this happening? . . .

Read the whole thing!


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