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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A justified cavil from a reader

An MoJ reader has written to express agreement with what I posted about the Kennedys, but to "cavil" as he put it, on one point.  I said that JFK did not "even try" to impose his religion on himself.  The reader points out that none of us can say that definitively, since no one can read another's heart.  He's right.  I should have said that nothing in the historical record demonstrates efforts by Kennedy before or during his presidency to stop committing adultery---on moral grounds, at least. There was a point shortly before his election as President when he lamented to a confidant that it would be impossible, as a practical matter, to continue his womanizing while in the White House.  Very quickly after his inauguration, however, he discovered ways to keep it going.  There is much in the record to show that after acts of adultery he immediately began planning future such acts and making the arrangements necessary to pull them off without being exposed and damaged politically.


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