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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

. . . sincerely, L. Cohen

Thanks to Brother Michael P. for inviting me to post a video of my renditions of songs by Leonard Cohen in seminar today.  Unfortunately---or maybe not so unfortunately---we didn't record.  It was great fun, though, and "Nancy," whose story and imagery are pretty clear, became a valuable reference point in our discussion (which concerned the ways in which cultures shape and are shaped by the choices and actions of individuals).  I don't think that the students could make much sense of "Famous Blue Raincoat," but I've never been able to make sense of it either.  I love it nevertheless!  (If any MoJers know what it actually means, please let me know.  Cohen himself says that he can't remember what it means.)

I've sent Michael privately something rather different:  an audio my performance of the banjo tune "Deputy Dalton" with my bluegrass band "Blue Heart."  It's rather un-Cohenesque, but I like to think it is the sort of thing Leonard himself might enjoy.  He once did a performance of the classic country tune "The Tennessee Waltz," so perhaps he harbors a liking for "Appalachian classical music."


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