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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Battle of Hastings

Here is Joe Carter, at First Things, writing about the upcoming Martinez case (in which Tom Berg and I filed an amicus brief), "The Battle of Hastings" for religious-liberty.  He quotes a passage from the lead brief in the case:

A “variety of viewpoints” is far more likely to be achieved when students are allowed to sort themselves out by interest and viewpoint—Republicans in one club, Democrats in another; Muslims in one organization, Lutherans in another. Without such sorting, all viewpoints are blurred. The Democratic Caucus becomes the Bipartisan Caucus; the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clubs become the Ecumenical Society; and every other group organized around a belief becomes a Debate Club. Each group becomes no more than its own diverse forum—writ small. The all-comers rule thus defeats the very purpose of recognizing any group as a group in the first place. Preventing students from organizing around shared beliefs does not foster a robust or diverse exchange of views.

Exactly.  Genuine "diversity" in a conversation is promoted if the participants in that conversation do, and are permitted to, be distinctive. 


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