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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks to Robby, a Note on Rescher, and More to Come

Hello All,

I hesitate to write on the fly in connection with a subject so large and so fraught as that addressed by Robby in his post yesterday; but alas, notwithstanding my hurry at the moment I cannot resist the impulse to express admiration for Robby's splendid exposition of our tradition's mode of addressing matters of bioethics.  I hope to be able to add two or three cents' worth of substative reflection in the days ahead, but for now will confine myself simply to saying 'hats off!' to Robby -- and to hoping that I might do even half as good a job as he has done here when my turn comes up, early next month, to open discussion of Allen's discussion of environmental ethics.

One other thing, while I am at it here:  Some MOJ readers might find this recent news release by the University of Pittsburgh, on Nicholas Rescher, to be of some interest: http://www.news.pitt.edu/m/FMPro?-db=ma&-lay=a&-format=d.html&id=3983&-Find.  I often find it tempting to think that if the present age can boast any philosopher with a combination of depth and breadth remotely comparable to that of Thomas, it would be Dr. Rescher. 

All best, thanks again to Robby, and more soon,



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