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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks to Bob Hockett

I appreciate Bob's recent post and clarification, and apologize for mis-understanding his original post. I suspect I would diagnose, in a somewhat different way than Bob does, the nature of the "relations between large corporate interests and our very own government" -- or maybe not, if Bob agrees with me that among the "large interests" whose influence over government we should regret are teachers' and other public-employee unions -- but that's a matter for another forum.  

I should note, though, that Bob's latest post makes me wonder if the "tea party" crowd is less ignorant and misguided than his original post suggested (and mine conceded) that they are.  After all, they see -- correctly, in Bob's view -- that something is deeply wrong with lavish bailouts, "too big to fail", etc., but are unsophisticated, overheated, and scatter-shot in their response.  So, are they more to be pitied for their ignorance than are the many who -- still basking in the "Yes We Can!" glow of the recent election -- imagine that the only barriers to The Blessed Community are Glen Beck and 39 (or 40) Republican Senators?

In any event, I misread Bob's original post, and apologize for it.


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