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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Response to Elizabeth on the Kissling-Michelman Super Bowl essay

Here is the last paragraph of the K&M essay:

So here's our Super Bowl strategy for the choice movement. We'd go with a 30-second spot, too. The camera focuses on one woman after another, posed in the situations of daily life: rushing out the door in the morning for work, flipping through a magazine, washing dishes, teaching a class of sixth-graders, wheeling a baby stroller. Each woman looks calmly into the camera and describes her different and successful choice: having a baby and giving it up for adoption, having an abortion, having a baby and raising it lovingly. Each one being clear that making choices isn't easy, but that life without tough choices doesn't exist.

Let them run that preferred ad they suggest at the end of the essay. The approach they suggest would be very effective, for the pro-life cause. Who's going to choose abortion if they find out there are two other good alternatives? Who's going to want to keep abortion-on demand legal if we reach a consensus that it's not really necessary (e.g. to give employment equality to women)?
NOW & NARAL realize that they've got to suppress the Tebow ad, that they've got to avoid talk of any decent alternatives, that they've got to be pro-abortion in order to secure pro-choice.


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