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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Many Thanks, Fr. Araujo

Many thanks to Fr. Araujo for his comments on the textbook issue here in North Carolina. I just want to add one note of clarification.

As it turns out, the phrase, "oppressive government" was used by the Department of Public Education. The Department issued a statement (in the idiom of the educational bureaucracy ) on the proposed changes to the Civics textbook that explains the "assessment prototype" for the "Civics unit" on Constitutional rights "derived from the founding documents." The  statement explains the "formation goal" for the unit this way

"Using three Supreme Court Cases (e.g., Brown v Board, Roe v Wade, Korematsu v US) as support, explain how the US Supreme Court has upheld rights against oppressive government."

 Presumably, this means that after completing the unit, the student should be able to explain how the "founding documents" guarantee a right to abortion, against "oppressive government." 


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