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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A conference: Jean Bethke Elshtain: The Engaged Mind

The University of Chicago's Divinity School is hosting "a series of cross-disciplinary conferences reflecting on themes inspired by the work of Jean Bethke Elshtain. Given the protean nature of her thought, one conference each year will take up a set of related issues drawn from her body of work. The series will bring together senior scholars and major thinkers, many of whom have been Professor Elshtain's interlocutors over the course of her thirty-five year career. From a variety of viewpoints, they will examine Elshtain’s contributions to the ongoing scholarly conversation and consider how the intellectual landscape has changed over time."  (More here.)  Participants and speakers include John Witte, Bill Galston, Mary Ann Glendon, and others.  Should be fun!


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