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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(Still) further thoughts on the U.K. decision

With all due respect, the comments of Prof. Wertheimer only increase my concerns about the decision we are discussing.  I do not see it as reducing our reasons for concern that the mother's conversion to Judaism was acceptable to some branches of Judaism, but not others.  If the (non-state) religious institution in question -- one that, I am assuming, decided to embrace the Orthodox standards -- applies, in keeping with its own understanding of an authentic Jewish "ethos", those Orthodox standards, it strikes me as (way) out of line for the government to (in effect) decree that, in the government's view, the Orthodox standards are less worthy of deference than (say) Reform standards, or that "him that says, is."  (In expressing these concerns, I am -- of course -- not presuming to have an opinion on which branch of Judaism correctly understands what it means to be, and what is required to be, Jewish.)


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