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Monday, January 18, 2010

MOJ Discussion of John Allen's "The Future Church" Begins Today

Today we are opening our focused discussion of John Allen's new book, "The Future Church."  Ten of us have signed up to post the lead blog on different chapter each week (for the most part in order, but note the switch on the last two), with an effort to include our thoughts on the implications of the particular “trend” for Catholic legal theory and Catholic legal education.  And with this discussion we'd also like to experiment with direct comments from readers, we'll see how that works.  Here is our schedule: 

Week of 1/18 - A World Church - Amy Uelmen & Rick Garnett

1/25 - Evangelical Catholicism - Rob Vischer

2/1 - Islam - Russ Powell

2/8 - The New Demography - Michael Scaperlanda

2/15 - Expanding Lay Roles - Lisa Schiltz

2/22 - The Biotech Revolution - Robert George

3/1 - Globalization - Kevin Lee

3/8 - Ecology - Bob Hockett

3/15 - Pentecostalism - Greg Sisk

3/22 - Multipolarism - Tom Berg


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