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Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Effective Channel for Aid to Haiti

Hello Friends,

Many thanks to John Breen for his thoughts on Haiti and for the stirring quote from John Paul II -- I'd forgotten how beautifully 'spot on' this passage is.  Thanks also to Patrick and Rob for their recent posts on Haiti.

These gents' posts remind me that I wanted to pass along another bit of information sent Robby and me Wednesday by a very acute, thoughtful friend -- the philosopher Patrick O'Donnell, whom some of you might know from the Ratio Juris blog in addition to quite a few other fora. 

Patrick writes:

Here's a link to an organization in my hometown (well, they were downtown, but are now nearby in Goleta, where the rent is cheaper) with an exemplary track record (e.g., notice its 'efficiency' rating) in humanitarian aid relief (their offices are not far from where we live): Direct Relief International

I might add here for my own part that the Salvation Army and Catholic Relief Services tend regularly to score very highly on the efficiency metric, with very low overhead and seemingly next to no waste.  I'll pass along more on their efforts in Hait presently.

All best,



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