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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Many Thanks for the (Excellent!) Response from Rick

Hello again, All,

Just a quick word of thanks to Rick for his wonderfully thoughtful response -- particularly in light of the many good attention-requiring things on the plate right now (and not only figuratively speaking).  It looks to me as though Rick and I might both be relying upon more or less the same, more or less choate, mode of evaluation in assessing the health legislation now before Congress.  Where we might differ, if we differ at all -- for, as intimated in my previous two posts, I'm not entirely sure yet where I am on these things, hence whether or how much we might ultimately differ -- would be on a few empirical questions, and possibly to a marginal degree on the comparative weights we would attach to the goods and ills that the legislation would bring.  I'll of course try to sort that out when I finally get round to the earlier promised attempt at 'applying,' to the proposed legislation soon to be before conference committee, that proposed mode of evaluation I sketched earlier.  Looks like that'll have to be after Christmas -- which surely is as it should be in any event.  I'll also of course be writing my members of Congress after the holidays, urging something like that thoroughgoing form of 'abortion-neutrality' that I proposed a couple of weeks back.  Assuming as I have been doing that good faith which I have ascribed to self-professed 'pro-lifers' and 'pro-choicers' alike when they purport to be 'bracketing' the current abortion regime, without prejudice to the question of its merits or demerits, for purposes of advancing the shared aim of bringing affordable health insurnace to all, it will be only fair for me to hold both sides in the legislature to their own words!

A Blessed Christmas to Rick and to all of you!,



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