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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rob Vischer's new book

This blurb of mine appears on the dust jacket of Rob's new book (or so I have been told):

"There is no freedom more essential to the flourishing of a truly liberal democracy than the freedom to live one's life in accord with the yield of one's conscience--that is, with one's religious and/or moral convictions and commitments.  And yet, the nature and implications of that freedom--which we may call freedom (or liberty) of conscience, and which of course cannot be absolute--are not well understood.  Conscience and the Common Good is an excellent, engaging discussion of how to understand freedom of conscience and of how to protect it in a contemporary democracy, such as the United States, whose citizens disagree deeply among themselves about such morally fraught matters as abortion and same-sex marriage.  Robert Vischer's book is must reading for citizens and scholars interested in freedom of conscience."


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