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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Northwest Frontier Province Alert: Color Orange

Hello All,

Many thanks to Michael and Rick for the stimulating thoughts on capital punishment.  I'm not as smart as you fellows, Finnis, or anyone else you have mentioned, so I'll simply say that the gut horror I've always experienced in contemplating CP is probably best articulated as Michael has done in describing the book, while my own attempts to justify opposition to CP rooted in that horror have often taken a shape rather like Rick's. 

Wanted to say a bit by way of linking this conversation to some thoughts that occurred in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, but alas am a bit pressed for time again so will try to write more thoughtfully on that later.  In the meanwhile, I thought you might all enjoy the "observations" on CP made by this distinguished statesman -- http://www.daveschultheis.com/ -- a Colorado state senator.  If you look to the bottom of that homepage, you will find what would appear to afford reasons for resuming the 30 Years War.  If you look to this issues page -- http://www.daveschultheis.com/ISSUES/Crime/Index.html -- you will find calls both for "more prompt and sure use of the [capitalized!] Death Penalty" and "increased clergy involvement," which I suppose means, on pain of incoherence, that Catholic clergy will not be among those "involved."  And finally, if you have a look at this lovely "tweet" that he sent out earlier today -- http://www.coloradopols.com/diary/10793/sounding-the-bottom-with-dave-schultheis -- you will find that the US is now Pan Am Flight 93, which the duly elected US President has "hijacked" and "we" -- we? -- are to wrest away from him by storming the cabin.

Heaven help us.

All best and more soon, Bob 


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