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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hello All,

Just a quick thanks to Rick for posting the link to the M Declaration, which I've finally just found a moment to read.  I'd also like, in my capacity as (I think) one of the resident 'lefties' here, to commend the full document to any who might not have read it thus far.  For I must confess that, indulging in a bit of what I now think must have been unconscious bigotry of my own, I expected to find anger and hardness of heart in the document, and instead what I found was great dignity, manifest compassion, and humane adherence to principle. 

I am sure that I would quibble on some points in the document, but what I am most happily surprised to be able to report is that I do think that any such disagreements would indeed be quibbles. 

1)  I incline, for example, while emphasizing the sanctity of human life, to add that I also believe all life to be sacred, and believe that we human beings are charged with the task of serving as what I think of as 'the steward species,' even 'the servant species.'  We are here, that is to say, I think in significant part to care for the other life forms our Lord has placed here with us. 

2)  With respect to marriage and conjugal relations, I incline, as mentioned in earlier posts, to the view that 'marriage' is an inherently sacramental category, and that the state is accordingly not the apt institution to define its contours, which might vary from religious insitution-cum-tradition to religious institution-cum-tradition; but thus far, as I say, I simply incline to this view, upon which I continue to reflect in what I hope is good conscience, with what I hope will be assistance from others. 

3)  Finally, both because of that developing view on marriage as distinguished from domestic arrangement, and for many other reasons that have been operative in my own humble attempts at thinking for decades now, I can only wholeheartedly support the declaration's principles of religious freedom.

I am eager to read what others among you all think.

All best,



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