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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gratitude in Santiago

We just finished the Pilgrim´s Mass at theCathedral, and it was one of the most beautiful masses I have ever attended with the choir´s voices moving through the church like angels.  The pilgrim´s were fumigated with a big censor (sp), which took 7 or 8 people to swing it high adn across the length of the church.  The mass was made more special by the presence of so many people I have gotten to know over the last five weeks, including several I had not seen in weeks.  Somehow, we all ended up here at the same time. 

The internet cnnection isn´t working well so I´ll post more when I get baCk to the US.  My heart is filled with gratitude for God´s graces over the first 49 and a half years of my life and over the past 33 days of walking.

Bob, I very much appreciated your post, whuch resonated with me as I have spent 33 days obeserving  the natural world at a walker´s pace.


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