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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Michael,

. . . my point was clear enough, dear Michael, and you understood it perfectly well, I suspect.  We shouldn't use MoJ for purposes of partisan point-scoring.  Do you not agree?  As a matter of fact, I do not keep a file on "conservative hypocrisy."  There is no need to.  Living as you and I do in a milieu in which people overwhelmingly hold liberal views and in many cases loathe conservative ones, I know that I'll hear about every instance of conservative hypocrisy that comes to light.  These instances will not go unmentioned or be forgotten. The failings of, say, Newt Gingrich will be constantly recalled; those of Teddy Kennedy, rarely if ever mentioned.  You know that as well as I do.  I don't think you or I, dear Michael, should jump on every opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of politicians and political organizations on MoJ.  You, dear Michael, say I should have pointed out the latest instance of  Republican hypocrisy ("it would have been much more powerful").  Then "anticipating" my possible counterpoint, you claim that had MoJ been around in 1996 you would have trumpeted your disgust with Bill Clinton.  But that won't do, dear Michael.  You had an instance of liberal Democratic (and, as it happens, Catholic) hypocrisy staring you in the face just this week, and you did not post about it on MoJ (unless I somehow missed it).  Tim Kaine, the liberal Democractic Catholic governor of Virginia, trumpeted by the Catholic left as a true pro-life Democrat (despite his support for legal abortion) in part because of his avowed opposition to the death penalty, declined to stop the execution of John Allen Muhammad.  Why, dear Michael, did you say nothing?  It would have been very powerful if you had pointed out the hypocrisy of a liberal Catholic Democrat with national political ambitions, no?  The truth, Michael, is that I don't think you had any obligation to use MoJ to point out this case of hypocrisy and I had no obligation to use MoJ to point out the hypocrisy of the RNC.  I'm new to MoJ, but I don't think it is meant to be some sort of register of the hypocrisy of politicians and political parties.  In any event, I'm glad that you do not believe that there is more hypocrisy on the right than on the left.  Perhaps I've missed some cases of your posting on liberal hypocrisy.  If I have, then you have some strong evidence that your post on the RNC was not partisan point-scoring.  Can you point me to some cases?


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