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Monday, October 12, 2009

Walking in a Slow Manner

I´d like to say I am walking in a relaxed manner (the title of Joyce Rupp´s book on the Camino) but truth be told, I´m just slow.  (This is actually the reason I left Hogan and Hartson and D.C. law practice - I got stampeded everyday on the Metro escalators)  I rarely pass people on the Camino, but many pass me.  I did pass a 70 year old guy today, but I won´t tell you how many 60 and 70 somethings have passed me these past two weeks.  I have a pace that I´m comfortable with so I don´t worry at all about how fast others are going.  This is much easier when you are walking alone.

The other day as I was stumbling over pilgrims trying to get packed in the morning in one of the more crowded albergues (the bunkbeds were spaced less than a foot a part and there wasn´t much other space in the room), I found myself grumbling under my brief at the crowded conditions.  And, then I realized that I had been one of the last in the night before, and I would have had no bed except for the crowded conditions.

For three days we have been walking the mesata.  For two and a half we haven´t been anywhere near a major highway (major meaning similar to our state highways not interstates).  This morning I got to see the sun rise twice.  Once from the mountain I climbed just before sun up and the second as the sun dispelled the shadows as I came down that mountain.  The terrain was pretty much the same - mesata, mesata, mesata with its fields ploughed for the fall.  I did enjoy the barren starkness of the terrain.  But, I also got three surprise breaks during the day.  The first was a picnic area in the middle of know where staffed by two guys with fruit and coffee, seeking only donations.  They were probably shrewd business guys because I suspect they made more taking donations than they would have if they sold their goods.  The second surprise was a walk over a Romanesque bridge and then along a tree covered lane by the river.  And, the third was a 4K walk alond an irrigation canal.

The town I am in now, Fromista has a beautifully preserved Romanesque church built in 1066.  The modern church in town, a Gothic structure, was built in the 15th Century.

Today, I offered the day for our law students.  Tomorrow, I offer the day for a particular person and all those mourning (or anticipating mourning) the loss of a loved one.  One Wednesday, I´ll offer the day for all lawyers that, no matter their practice area, they may always seek justice and act with mercy.  On Thursday, in honor of my son´s 27th birthday, I´ll offer the day for the growth of sustainable agriculture and all the benefits that accrue from that.  On Friday, my day will be offered for all immigrants, refugees, migrants, and displaced persons in the world that they might know the peace of a secure home.


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