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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shedding my Burdens on the Camino

Today I shed a month´s worth of photo´s that must have been burdening me although they didn´t seem to weigh that much.  I had a great photo that I wanted to be able to blow up to a larger size and was trying to change (so I thought) the setting to a higher quality photo.  In an instant and by accident 1000 photos were gone.  My friend Bill reminded me of the prayer of St. Nicholas of Flue (we had learned this prayer at night prayer a couple of nights back):

My Lord and my God,
take everything from me, that keeps me from Thee.
My Lord and my God,
give everything to me that brings me nearer to Thee.
My Lord and my God,
take me away from myself
and give me completely to Thee.  Amen.

We have had two days of mist but not real rain with great views as we have climbed back into the mountains.  O´Cebreiro is clouded in so we can´t see the magnificent views from here (although my family assures me they are magnificnet).  I feel like I´m in Ireland.  The land is a luscious green - more lush than anything I have seen so far.  As we walked closer to Galacia, the Celtic music was very evident coming from the bars.  And now - in Galacia - I am in a bar writing this with the table next to me singing and enjoying the wet evening.


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