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Friday, October 9, 2009

Serving Garlic soup for over 850 years: Further Reflections from the Camino

When I last posted, I had finished a hard day in the rain.  It rained for much of yesterday also, but I was doing much better.  9 and a half hours of sleep will do that.  I was sleeping in an Albergue recommended by my son, Christopher, and his wife, Mary, in Belorado next to the Church.  This year, it is being run by Swiss friends of the Camino.  My Swiss host came in at 7:30 Thursday morning to tell me it was past time to get up.  The Austrian priest two beds down was sitting on the bed so I thought I wasn´t the only late sleeper.  But, in reality, the priest (who will celebrate 50 years of priesthood in 2011) was on his way out the door.

After a breakfast of bread and jam provided by our hosts, I headed out into the rain.  As usual, I enjoyed the solitude.  As with the previous day, we were walking through rolling hills of barley, wheat, and potato - all harvested. The first half of the day was a gentle climb from 775 meters to 950 meters.  The rest of the day was spent walking through pine and oak mountain forests as we climbed steeply from 950 meters to 1150 meters.

I spent the night last night in San Juan de Ortega, a small village built around an Augustinian monastary founded by San Juan in 1150 for the purposes of hosting pilgrims in this isolated badland area just west of Burgos where bandits would prey on pilgrim. Following a tradition dating back to 1150, I ate the wonderful garlic soup provided by my hosts after mass.  After dinner, the Austrian priest, two Norwegians, and I had a glass of wine before turning in around 9pm.

This morning the whether turned cooler, and I put in long pants, long sleeves, and an outer layer for the first time.  After a 25K walk, I am now in Burgos, staying next to its magnificent cathedral.  More later...  I am off to explore the city. 


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