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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reminders of Home in the Mesata of Spain

When I walked out of the Albergue this morning, the Romansque Church was bathed in warm hues of pink, red, and blue as the sun began to rise and the roosters were crowing in the distance.  As I walked out of town, those same colors cast their mystical properties to the mountains in the far off distance. "Awake lyre and harp, together we will awake the dawn."

After two weeks o walking, just as the newness of the pilgrimage begins to wane and some homesickness sets in, I had reminders of my homes in Texas, Oklahoma, and DeKalb, Il. in the stark barreness of this terrain as it prepares for its winter hibernation.  As I walked into Formista yesterday two tumbleweeds greeted me.  Not something seen in Austin everyday, yet it still reminded me of my deep (1829) Texas roots.  The terrain for the last day and a half has been as flatter than ten mile flats west of Norman if that is possible.  And, the wind has been blowing off the plain just like Oklahoma.  I even saw a hawk (or some similar bird) doing lazy circles in the sky. Fortunately no rain.  Unfortunately, my honey lamb is back in Norman.  And, DeKalb.  For much of yesterday, as I watched the farmers plow their fields, I was reminded of growing up in DeKalb.  (As an aside, I don´t think I´ve seen a farm house since I have been here. The farmer´s live in the villages, driving their tractors into the villages and at times parking them in front of their town houses.)  While walking Formista yesterday, I saw a man - a local farmer I think - wearing a DeKalb Ag hat.  My first attempt to communicate with him failed as he thought I was accusing him of stealing my hat.  Finally I got through, and he understood that I had worked for DeKalb Ag as a teenager detassling corn.

Speaking of home, and just so that you don´t think I have lost my sense of priority, I still know what is really sacred in the fall.  Toward that end, does anyone know where I can find a place to watch Texas play OU and Notre Dame play USC this Saturday in Leon, Spain?

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!


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