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Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick post from the Camino and its many blessings

Four quick notes.  First, I still get choked up when some of the Spaniards along the Camino greet me with a smile and a ¨Buen Camino¨(good camino/way/Journey) as I walk.  Second, I offered the day for a specific person and his family and all who are deeply wounded, suffering depression, doubt, hopelessness, or emptiness.  Third, I was sitting in the bar/cafe writing in my journal after arriving in Naverette (in La Riojo - left Naverre today) when two pilgrims who I have seen but don´t know their names gave me a glass of wine from the bottle they had just purchased.  A little later a Spanish pilgrim, Francisco, who speaks little English and who I have seen several days now, invited me to a dinner of his making at our Albergue.  I bought a bottle of Rioja tinto to bring to the party.  Fourth, and most amazing, as I was walking into Naverette, I saw a pilgrim with a duffel bag slung over his right shoulder.  I thought that seemed an odd way to carry your stuff.  He also seemed to be ailing from blisters by the way he walked.  He sat to drink some water in some shade and as I passed him, I asked if he was ok, noting his seeming problem walking.  It was then that I noticed that he only had a stump for a left arm (is that the reason for no backback?)  He then showed me his leg - it was an artificial leg - so I guess no blisters on his feet.  I don´t know where he started and whether he is going all the way to Santiago, but whether he is travelling for one day  or the whole way, he was an inspiration to me.


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