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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pilgrim´s Progress

Stillness!  I spent more than a half an hour this morning watching the sun rise over a medeival bridge along a quiet river listening to the river, the wind in the trees, the birds, a rooster signalling the dawn, farm animals, and pilgrim´s making ready for another day.  The sounds were´n´t a symphony, but the colors in the sky were.  Two days and 42 Kilometers to Santiago.

In honor of my daughter Anamaria´s 25th birthday, I offered my walk on Tuesday for a deepening understanding in our culture of the complementarity of the sexes and on Wednesday for a healing of the culture, which is steeped in mind body dualism.  On Thursday, I offered the walk for President Obama and other world leaders that they may possess the wisdom to know right action and the courage to take that action.  Today, I offer the walk for my fellow pilgrims, and tomorrow my walk will be a reprise for all that I have prayed for during the past month.


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