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Monday, October 26, 2009

On One of Those Takes on Pope Benedict's Invitation to Anglicans


I'm baffled by those comments by David Gibson that you quoted.  Perhaps I'm just not understanding what Mr. Gibson is trying to say.  There are indeed some mysteries waiting to be revealed about how the affairs of the new personal ordinariate for Anglicans will be conducted.  As Gibson says in the article you provided a link to, "much uncertainty remains."  It seems clear, however, that every Anglican who enters the ordinariate will affirm (either personally or via an individual recognized by the Catholic Church as having authority to speak for all in a parish or diocese that is being received into full communion with the Catholic Church) belief in everything that the Catholic Church holds and teaches as de fide.  This would certainly include beliefs pertaining to the sacraments, authority (including the papal magisterium), and the defined Marian dogmas.  So, it seems to me, anyone fishing in these waters for evidence that Benedict XVI is a "closet liberal" should probably not count on a seafood dinner.


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