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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathed in God´s Love

Everyone on the Camino, even those walking for adventure, a cheap vacation, or some vague and abstract spiritual reason have an interior journey in addition to the exterior one.  I have blogged about some of the highlights of the exterior journey and my reaction to them.  I haven´t blogged about the interior journey because -well - it is just that, interior.  I hazard this one blog post on the interior journey because I sense that it might resonate with some of our readers. 

For the past several days a reality has been imposing itself on me.  The question that pressed on my mind was ¨what keeps me from responding completely to God´s all embracing love?¨  I thought this was an odd question because the answer seemed obvious - my selfishness, my disordered passions and desires, in short my sinfullness kept me from falling completely and madly in love with Love Himself.  But, a different answer came, and it seems to correspond with my reality.  It is not so much my selfishness, my disordered passions and desires, my sin that keep me from God.  Instead, it is my unwillingness to come to God in my brokeness, in my proverty, with my selfishness and disordered passions and desires that only He can heal.  I reflected on the story of Adam and Eve in the garden - after they ate of the forbidden fruit, they hid from God in their naked shame. 

How often do I foolishly try to hide from God in my shame and guilt when this is precisely the time I ought to run to Him.  After all, God became one of us and experienced our poverty.  As He hung on the cross naked and broken, He beckoned all of us to embrace our weakness and come to Him that He might heal that weakness in His time, not mine.  I don´t have to dress myself up for God, I should come as I am - a broken, impoverished, naked human being - someone who cannot offer God praise until He opens my lips. (Psalm 51)  This I think is the Little Way taught by that great doctor Therese whose memorial we observed at the beginning of the month. 

Enough of the public broadcast of the interior journey.  I offered my walk on Thursday, Oct. 8 for the healing of ideological divisions within the Church, Friday, Oct. 9 for an increase in solid vocations to marriage (and Family), the priesthood, and religiousn life, Saturday, Oct. 10 for a special young man and all others, whether civilian or military, traumatized in body and soul by the wages of war, and Sunday, Oct. 11 for the healing of all troubled marriages.  I´ll offer my walking tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 12 for all of our law students.


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