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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Scandal of the Sexualization of Children

Rob Vischer does a service by calling our attention to the scandal of the sexualization of children.  It began in earnest in our society with Kinsey and his outrageous (and largely fraudulent) research.  In recent decades it has metastasized to a dizzying number domains of American life.  The precious value of childhood innocence is neglected, violated, and even mocked, not merely by pornographers, but by mainstream advertisers, by the entertainment industry, and by sex "educators" and others who regard themselves as "enlightened" on sexual matters and who take it as their mission to spread this "enlightenment" around.  Anyone who is interested in knowing the depth and breadth of the problem in the schools should read Dr. Miriam Grossman's superb and disturbing new book entitled You are Teaching My Child What?   If there is a social issue on which liberal and conservative Catholics ought to be able to agree, surely the scandal of the sexualization of children in American society is it. And we ought to be able to unite to do something about it.


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