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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Islam on Capitol Hill

There has been a lot of concern expressed in the blogosphere (and on Facebook) about a large Muslim prayer gathering on Capitol Hill scheduled for tomorrow.  One of the organizers apparently said some inflammatory things in an interview, including some notion about turning the White House into "the Muslim House."  That said, it seems to me that this is a moment when Christians need to show their commitment to religious pluralism and religious liberty by welcoming -- even celebrating -- an event like this.  Given the reaction to President Obama's remark that we are not a Christian nation (or a Muslim nation), I think it's difficult for many Christians (and secularists) to see visible manifestations of Islam in this country as anything but a threat to national identity.  The fact that this event may not reflect the wisest PR strategy does not justify a hostile "this is a slippery slope to Sharia" response.


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