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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Camino Reflections

I leave Cantabria tomorrow for St. Jean Pied de Port, Fr where I will start walking on Tuesday.  But, the Camino has been with me from the beginning.  I met a law professor from Melbourne on the Metro in Madrid who told me she plans to walk the Camino on her sabbatical in the Spring.  A couple of days ago, I met a Frenchman who is cycling the Camino del Norte, which runs past the place I am staying in northern Spain.

The Camino has started in the most profound way as I struggle to understand what is being said to me and as the conversations past me by as I struggle to formulate the most simple responses.  Fortunately, the family here is very patient with me as I attempt rudimentary Spanish.  And, it helps that time has stood still for me like the farmer down the street harvesting hay with a scythe and loading the hay on a horse drawn cart.  Without the compulsion to run from activity to activity, I am able to relax as I try to communicate.

Sunday lunch is calling so that is all for now.


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