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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The ELCA and Plucking a Thread from a Garment

I don’t have time for more than short answer to Greg’s question. (It is Harvest Festival weekend here at St. Hubert’s in Chanhassen.) I do believe it is possible to pluck one thread from Christian teaching without unraveling the entire garment.

Whatever may be the narrative of the Episcopal church (and I don’t have the knowledge to agree or disagree with Greg’s characterization of that narrative), it seems to me that one can quite easily separate a view on the Church’s position on homosexuality from questions of abortion, monogamy and the centrality of Christ to our salvation. I don’t at all think one’s disagreement with the Church’s position on homosexuality either implies or leads down a slippery slope toward approving of abortion and promiscuity (I note that the ELCA vote was to allow gay or lesbians in committed relationships to serve as members of the clergy) or negating the centrality of Christ.

In my view implying that one can’t question one issue without risking everything falling to pieces risks cutting off useful questioning and discussing of issues.


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