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Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Common Ground" on Health Care

For months now, Congress and the White House have talked about the need for Americans to seek “common ground” on the issues that face us.  This is a very welcome theme.

The “common good” and “common ground” are central messages in Catholic social teaching.  This is why the Church always seeks to work cooperatively with people of other faiths and no faith to secure the basic elements of human dignity for all our citizens—decent housing, a living wage, justice under the law and adequate food and health care.  It’s why America’s Catholic bishops have pushed for national health care reform for the past several decades.  It’s also why the Church, in principle, supports current efforts to craft legislation that would ensure basic health care coverage for all Americans.

But God, or the devil, is always in the details.

Read the rest of Archbishop Chaput's column here.


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