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Friday, August 7, 2009

Basic Health Care, The Human Right to

Notre Dame's Cathy Kaveny writes:

"I noticed that you and Rick were engaged with the question whether health care is a human right (in my view, it is) and the problem of how to implement it  with legal means in a society where resources and knowledge might be limited.  I engage this general question in my recent article Imagination, Virtue, and Human Rights:  Lessons from Australian and U.S. Law, 70 Theological Studies 109 (2009).  In my view, it's necessary to recognize health care as a positive right --for pedagogical reasons-- but the pragmatic questions Rick raises come in in specifying the right in a particular social and economic context."

MOJ readers following this to-and-fro may want to check this out:

In the newly published (by Oxford University Press), five-volume Encyclopedia of Human Rights, in Volume 2, the entry "Right to Health and Health Care" by Brigit Toebes (at pp. 365-376).  The entry includes a useful bibliography.


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