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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cardinal Rigali responds to Kmiec re: embryo-destructive research

I expressed some doubts, a few days ago, about Doug Kmiec's defense of the Administration's new guidelines on funding embryo-destructive research.  Cardinal Rigali has a more elaborated expression of similar doubts, here.  A bit:

With all due respect to Kmiec, then, on this and other issues relating to the destruction of unborn human life, the federal government is not moving “in a noticeably more Catholic-friendly direction.” Nor is it moving in a human-friendly direction.

The values and ideals of our nation on the equality of all human beings are at stake when we discuss such issues, for people of all religions or no religion.

Respect for human life at every stage must govern our treatment of all human beings in law and medical research. To the extent that it does not, we are no longer talking about authentic human progress.


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