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Monday, February 16, 2009

for the record re Spain

I cannot really continue to debate Eduardo now that he has retreated to a forum (dotCommonweal) to which I have no equal access. But let me clarify at least one clear confusion in his last post against me on that other website.

My initial comment on Spain (January 30, 2009) began with this sentence: "Paul Krog makes an interesting and useful analogy of [abortion in] the USA to [murdering priests and nuns in] Spain on the eve of its Civil War (government-tolerated killing in both cases).", By it I meant, as Steve has just suggested, that this is one among many intellectually useful analogies for pro-life scholars to use to get a grip on the meaning of our current regime. 

My second sentence was:  "But in my view, we are heading toward rather more direct analogies: hatred of religious folk leading to church burnings and worse, as has already been publically threatened in Spain itself." This analogy is my own and I mean it to have practical effect. We are in the process of creating a climate that may lead to anti-religious violence. The hour is getting late for us to do something about it.


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