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Friday, January 23, 2009

More on Generational Tensions

A reader responds to the "generational" tensions in our ongoing discussion:


“I often get the sense that our Catholic elders don’t understand that young Catholics are tired of ‘reconsidering’ or ‘re-evaluating’ settled teachings—we want to focus on evangelizing the culture . . . Our experience of being Catholic is much more a choice than a cultural experience.  Since most young Catholics chose Catholicism at some point in their lives, I think we’re generally more inclined to accept the teachings of the magisterium. 


“I realize that our elders believe that they are helping to further the kingdom by making the Church more inclusive, pastorally sensitive, etc. and I think there is some real value in their efforts.   But the Church has never been perfect and it never will be.  The over-emphasis on condoning dissent and demanding reform makes me worried . . . I realize that my elders are emerging from a different cultural experience of Catholicism than I am, but I don’t think it’s inappropriate to want them to change their emphasis to focus more on new life in Jesus and less on imperfections in the institutional church. . . .”


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