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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another big (hopeful?) DC event

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Supreme Court's tragically bad decision in Roe v. Wade.  Once again, tens of thousands of people -- mostly young people -- will march peacefully, providing a powerful witness to the sanctity of life.  And, once again, the press will pretty much ignore the event and misrepresent its tone and demographics.  (Here's the March for Life link.  If you are in or near Washington D.C. -- for the inauguration, perhaps -- please consider participating.) 

Greg has invited MOJ bloggers to share their hopes regarding ways that Pres. Obama might move the nation's policy's in a direction more in keeping with the Church's social and other teachings.  I am going to hope that the President will make serious efforts to rescue his party's education policies from teachers-union and anti-religious-school captivity, and to craft an approach that is more consistent with the Church's clear teachings in this area.  

Meanwhile, I read that, among the President's very first actions, during this week of the Roe anniversary, will be to undo the Bush Administration's ban on sending federal dollars to groups that promote and perform abortion abroad.


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