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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catholic Philosopher--and Social Conservative--John Haldane on Obama's Election

Some MOJ readers will be familiar with Scottish philosopher John Haldane, but for those who are not:

John Haldane is Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, Visiting Professor at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Virginia, and Vice-President of the Catholic Union of Great Britain. He is a Senior Fellow of the Witherspoon Institute and sits on the Editorial Board of Public Discourse.

I commend to all MOJ readers Haldane's thoughtful, insightful "letter" on Obama's election.  I commend the letter *especially* to MOJ readers--and bloggers--who opposed Obama's election.

(Notice Haldane's comments, in the letter, about Elizabeth Anscombe and the Iraq War.  Does anyone know whether the Anscombe Institute, at Princeton, has addressed the issue of the (im)morality of the war?)

Here, Professor Haldane's letter


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