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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Social Meaning of the Eucharist

One MOJ reader sent the following in response to my post on the relationship between the Eucharist and Social Justice:

"I enjoyed your MOJ and Creo en Dios! posts concerning Eucharist and social justice.  I also have very much enjoyed the work of your colleague at St. Thomas, Professor Cavanaugh, on that crucial topic.  While you're undoubtedly familiar with his work, two pieces available on the web seem particularly pertinent to Archbishop Flynn's observations: "The Social Meaning of the Eucharist," (presented at the 33rd Annual Lturgy Conference at Notre Dame in 2005) [available here] and "The World in a Wafer: A Geography of the Eucharist as Resistance to Globalization," Modern Theology 15, no. 2 (April 1999): 181-96 [available here]. 
"Michael Baxter of Notre Dame authored an important piece on my hero, Dom Virgil Michel, which also highlights the connection between Eucharist and justice, but which is unfortunately not available on the internet: "Reintroducing Virgil Michel: Towards a Counter-Tradition of Catholic Social Ethics in the United States." Communio 24 (Fall 1997): 499-528.
"Perhaps the apparent collapse of the American economy will produce a different sort of ressourcement."


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